In a way you could describe Geunja as a magical place, a Wonderland of the mountains, the grand escape where you lose track of time. 

Sámi life embraces and enriche

This is an experience beyond ordinary luxury where you are guests embrace the Sami culture.  This is not about crystal chandeliers or four-poster beds-but a deeper understanding and connection to the nature, culture and well-being.

Geunja a secluded Sámi Eco Lodge in Sápmi and in the heart of Swedish Lapland is probably one of the best kept secret in the Arctic. You will only find your way there by invitation. Having received the Swedish Royal family as guests, the Vinka family welcome guests to eat, sleep and learn about a traditional Sami life close to the Arctic circle.  
In today's turbulent world, people, politicians and business leaders need to get new perspectives on existence. Geunja is a divine place where man meets the messenger of life through a fabulous nature, GAIA Leadership

Unique hideaway for groups, meetings & conferences

We tailor the content for your trip whether you are an individual or a company.

We greet you to our home Geunja, starting with a beautiful boat ride over the lake with mountains on both sides of us, followed by a walk around all the sami buildings, an introduction to the world of the Sami, mythology, food traditions and wildlife in the Arctic. Season, weather and wind guide us to our daily chores and activities. Take part in our everyday life, taste culinary Sami flavors and listen to storytelling thru generations. 

Geunja can be booked on a private exclusive all-inclusive basis for 12 people with a minimum of 2 nights. Price example from 12 500 sek per person. In addition, there are special departures with set dates for mixed groups. As an example, three days experience: 18 995 SEK per person.  Mini 6 persons, max 12 persons.  Due to covd-19, we will not offer this package this year

Geunja for family and friends


Storytelling takes place in the traditional Sami home, the “goathie” - a type of teepee that has been used by the Sami for a millennia

Geunja half day trip

From Ammarnäs, 15 minutes drive to a lake, following by a beautiful boat ride over the lake, with stunning views.  After 20 - 30 minutes we enter Geunja 

Price example 1595:- sek/person. Children 50% off. 

Price include; Taking part in daily life, local guide, boat transfer, walk a round Geunja, soft drinks and light lunch/snack with sámi culinary ingrediens, coffee and storytelling in the sámi goathie.

Other guided day trips can also be arranged such as hiking, fishing, game viewing.  Winter/Spring 2022: January - May and Summer/Autumn 2022: June - October

The Sami, the indigenous people of Sápmi — stretching over the northern part of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. Geunja Sami Ecolodge is situated  in Ammarnäs a small Sámi mountain village with less then 80 inhabitants. Ammarnäs is also a gate to Vindelfjällen, one of our largest protected natural areas.  Since june 2019 we are also a part of Vindelälven- Juhttátahkka, a biosphere reserve within UNESCO Biosphere Program - Man and the Biosphere. A  biosphere reserves are a "learnining"places for sustainable development’.  Welcome to be a part of the Vinka family and a helping hand for nature and culture conservation. 

 For a personal invitation kindly send us your request

Geunja Sámi Eco Lodge, the WWF Arctic Award winner, Grand Travel  Award and Nature's Best 2002-2021


With all our love, take care and keep on staying safe!  Vårradahkh / Best Regards   Mikael Vinka with family

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