We would love to give you a deeper understanding and connection with the Swedish indigenous people. Our Sami cultural heritage, landscape and traditions - all linked together for a richer lifestyle!

Geunja is a secluded Sámi Ecolodge in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. You will only find your way there by an invitation. This is a place where the Vinka family has lived for centuries, and during 35 years invited people to there home. For the surrounding nature and wildlife to remain as untouched as possible, the family only welcomes twelve groups of guests a year and maximum 12 guest each time. Ammarnäs Film Festival is an exception.

In today's turbulent world, people, politicians and business leaders need to get new perspectives on existence. Geunja is a divine place where man meets the messenger of life through a fabulous nature. In Geunja I have met a genuine place with sami people who have a larger perspective and who identify with the larger whole. The whole that is the reason for meeting and transforming today's world into a desirable tomorrow, Jan Boström GAIA Leadership 

My first contact with ecotourism was a visit to Geunja, The Sami Ecolodge. It is located beyond the end of the road, in the beautiful mountains of Vindelfjällen nature reserve that surrounds Ammarnäs, a sami villages in Sápmi. Something happened to us there. We went from Geunja as changed people, with an unforgettable memory closest to our hearts. 

For a few days we lived completely in tune with nature: we ate when we became hungry and slept when we got tired. We slumbered in the sun on shale stones on the beach and enjoyed the bright arctic summer light, - the midnight sun. We woke up from the pale dawn light, watched the wildlife about the knot and listened to amazing stories about the Sami culture. For a few days it was as if everything else disappeared. 

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact magic. Of course it was about the surroundings: the bluing mountains clad in small mountain birches, the crystal clear water and the flowering sea of tolta, twigs and straight-headed hats. It was about the care and quality that permeated everything that was done there, from the sami designed buildings to the guided tours; and it was about the warm and nice hospitality and everything we learned, - says Maria, one of our guests.

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Half-day tour to five days full on experience

All the tours can be adapted to the bus to/from Ammarnäs and Inlandsbanan in Sorsele. 

Be a part of the daily life and a helping hand for nature and culture conservation! 

  • Half day tour:  995 SEK per person.
  • Day trip: 1995 SEK per person.
  • Full on experience: From 11 995;-  SEK per person.
  • Boat transport, ask for a price

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 Geunja Sámi Ecolodge, the WWF Arctic Award winner, Grand Travel Award and Nature's Best 2002-2019