In a way you could describe Geunja as a magical place, a Wonderland of the mountains, the grand escape where you lose track of time and space. The rest of the world could be destroyed in a holocaust, for all we know; all of us are present in the moment and that is all that matters
  • Lapplandsafari - Geunja Sami Ecolodge
  • The best sauna in swedish lapland

Enjoy life at the fullest, without electricity and cell phone. Find harmony in Geunja Sami Eco lodge. Take part in the everyday life, culinary Sami flavors and listen to storytelling in the goathie and at the same time be a part of a helping hand for nature and culture conservation in Arctic. 


Arctic Eco Experience 

A full on experience

For the surrounding nature and wildlife to remain as untouched as possible, the family only welcomes twelve groups of guests a year and maximum 12 guest each time. Welcome to Geunja the secluded Sami Eco Lodge in Swedish Lapland  a part of the Arctic

Departure 2020

June 14th – 18th 2020
June 26 th – 30th 2020, and on request!

Group bookings on request!

Select your accommodation

Traditional Sami designed timber cabins. Geunja has two cozy Sami designed timber cabins up to 6 persons in each cabin. The timer cabin has 2 beds downstairs and 4 beds on loft. Every cabin is equipped with lovely handmade wooden furniture, commode, hand-woven mats, kerosene lamps and candles and a fire place. A small collection local literatures and water from the cold spring. Beside a bed with sheets, you also have the possibility to sleep one night in a traditional Sami goathie, a wooden " Sámi teepee", on a lovely bed of reindeer hides using sleeping bags with sheet linen. Read more down below

5 day tour: 31 995 SEK per person. Mini 4 persons

Traditional "Sami teepee" Traditional Sami goathie a wooden " Sámi teepee", on a soft and cozy bed of birch and reindeer hides, and a sleeping bag with sheet linen. Imagine yourself surrounded by the fresh fragrance of dwarf birch, lying on a reindeer hide, soothed by the crackling noise of the fire. We call it another kind of glamping. The Goathie has two open areas for max 4 persons on each side.

48 hour tour: 11 995 SEK per person. Mini 2 pax 

5 day tour: 23 995 SEK per person. Mini 2 pax 

Price includes

  • Selected accommodation
  • Full board including breakfast, lunch /packed lunch and dinner with local food from the sami kitchen
  • Local sami host / hostess x 24 hrs
  • Local chef present x 24 hrs
  • Welcome drinks and snacks
  • Coffee and tea x 24 hrs
  • Sami Culture, crafts and storytelling
  • All daily guided tours is included 
  • Canoes incl life jacket and paddles
  • Wood fired sauna, including organic shampoo and towels
  • Take part in the daily life at the lodge
  • Boat transport to and from Geunja

Additional costs: Private Sami designed cabin 4 000 SEK per person.

Day Trips

Guests of Inlandsbanan and Kungsleden, we´ll gladly meet you at the bus stop/station in Ammarnäs. We also offer boat transport to the starting point to Kungsleden, the King’s Trail.

Mikael is offering day trips year round in Ammarnäs and at Geunja, the secluded Sami Eco Lodge in Swedish Lapland.  We belive that a guided tour gives a better understanding and connecting with the local people, landscape and culture. All day trips presented here are based on a minimum of  2 or 3 people. The starting point for our soft eco adventures is Tjulträsk. It can also be arranged from the village in Ammarnäs. All the tours can be adapted to the bus to/from Ammarnäs and Inlandsbanan in Sorsele. 

A taste of indigenous, Sámi arctic lifestyle

Lovely boat tour in to the nature starting with a walk a round  Geunja and the sami buildings. Sitting together in the traditional Sami goathie, a ” wooden teepee". During the storytelling we enjoy traditionellt boiled coffee over opened fire.Telling about the sami culture today and yesterday, buildings and mythology.  

Half day 3-4 hour; 995 sek/person. Price include: local sami guide, boat transfer, coffee. The tour is adapted to the bus and Inlandsbanan

Full day - 8 hour; 1995 sek/person. Price include: local sami guide, boat transfer, coffee, light snack and a lovely lunch with sami culinary ingrediens. If the weather permits, you are offered a beautiful boat trip into the delta to see the wilds.

 Exampel of other guided tours

  • A taste of Sámi arctic lifestyle
  • Arctic Fox hike
  • Hike along old reindeer trails
  • Wild watching in the bright arctic summer night
  • Bird watching
  • Botanic tours - Sami medicinala and edible plants
  • Customized fly fishing in private streams and mountain lakes
  • Skiitours
  • Snowshoe hike
  • Ice fishing

Arctic wedding, Conference & Events 

We tailor the content for your trip. Whether you are an individual or a company. Everything is based on our Sami culture and the nature we live in. Request a quote

Customize fly-fishing in mountain lake

Fly fishing is a good excuse to see different places around the world! Geunja Sami Eco Lodge - a place not only offering customized fly fishing in private streams and mountain lakes, but also Sami culture and wildlife. The midnight light is fantastic, when fishing for grayling, arctic char and brown trout in special water. This is a joint venture with the Sami community and can only be booked through Geunja Sami Eco Lodge. We provide full service together with local fishing organizer and other companies in Swedish Lappland in Arctic

" A totally unforgettable experience! Here I have experienced the best fishing in my life. I honor the spouses Vinkas  work of life. It's probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to, a place that radiates harmony".  Staffan I

Booking & information

Lapplandsafari - Geunja Sami Ecolodge

Reservations all year round on request. Please send your contact details, including telephone number. I will get back to you as soon as I'm back from the mountain.

Vårradahkh / Best Regards 

Mikael Vinka

 Arctic Fox in Vindelfjällen

Principles for Natures Best

1. Respect the limitations of the destination - the least possible impact on nature and culture.

2. Support the local economy.

3. Make all the operators activities environmentally sustainable.

4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation.

5. Promote knowledge and respect and the joy of discovery.

6. Quality and safety all the way

Principles for Arctic Tourism

WWF Arctic Award winner, Grand Travel Award, and Nature's Best 2002-2019